Monday, 25 February 2013

Dr Stephen Rushton Son of Professor Philippe Rushton

Stephen Rushton with his father Professor Philippe Rushton taken in Regents Park by Gillian.Phil was a great fatherand did all he could for Stephen who was a delightful and charming boy.Phil had a tiny room in Hackney and I was glad that I had some money left by my grand dad ,Rear Admiral Blackler,that enabled me to get them out of that place and get the lease on a flat 59 Doughty Syreet enabling Stephen to attend Sy Geoge 's primary school.He was a bright boy and I was especially happy to help him though it did take all my savings,certainly Phil spun a good yarn and I let him put his name on the lease,which I did for Stephen.What ever else he was an amazing father to Stephen but Im notsure if he wouldnt hae been happier staying in England and going to Oxford where he would easily have been a professor,and perhaps had a better life,he was an amazingly gifted intellect and often said he would have liked to have been a lawyer,I dont know what happened but something changed in him and I dont think he was altogether happy,but he was certainly unique his best quality was as a father .