Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Professor Philippe Rushton In Amsterdam Photograph Taken by Gillian Hammerton

When Phil was a young man I lived with him before he went to Canada.He utterly adored his son Stephen
who he was raising on his own.My grandad Rear Admiral Blackler had left me a small legacy enough for me
to decide to lease a small flat in Doughty Street next to the Dickens House in London so that Phil and Stephen could leave their grusesome room in the east end and give Stephen a better place to develope with a decent school and environment.Phil could now walk to University and I to University where I was studying for a Law degree at University College London.My parents had died when I was 6 years old and my grandad when I was 16 years old.I had gone to Israel to help build a kibbutz for 18 months ( I am a Christian but had been appalled by the stories I had gleened of the War and wanted to do something to restitute.It was an incredible journey and I came back with the courage, power and determination to become a lawyer.I had little money,which my grandfather Admiral Blackler ad left me which enabled my studies, and somewhere on the way I met this incredible man Phillip Rushton and his young son.They captured my heart and given time we decided it would be good to combine forces and combine resourses.I used my money to obtain a lease,and foolishly in hindsight allowed myself to be persuaded to have his name on the lease,and not mine though I paid for it.I was young and foolish and completely besooted by him and his persuation that as he had a son he needed te security,I was to roe this because when he went back to Canada I was without a legal rudder and lost possesion,but such was the other forgivably darker side of Phil.

Phil was a dedicated father and scholar.His views and determinations were knowledge and education for himself and his son.His code was "A third of my time to my studies,a third to home,and a third to social activities."
I learnt many things from Phil,his love for children his social skills and his immense intellectual capacity.
He was incredibly romantic and I was totally in love with him .I loved being a mum to his son taking him to school watching him develope and the love between father and son the caring was amazing.

I was stuck in England because by then I had trained the long road as a barrister.My funds had run out and I had to focus on developing my career,no second chances for me or family support ,I was out on my own and it was a tough world .Phil taught me to be strong to have courage.When I had a child by David Cocks QC,my pupil master,older than me and almost like a replacement parent who instead of making me feel safe once I was pregnant made it clear he wanted nothing to do with me or his son.Had I not known Phillip Rushton and seen the way he loved his son and always put him first I am fairly sure I would not have had the strenght to fight for my sons Human Rights against the distain and disinterest of one of Englands most powerful men who set his face against me and his son and tried to make me have an abortion.I did not and thugh I only received £16 a week from one of England's richest men,I had the courage not to ask for more for 12 years during which David Cocks QC never offered more,nor greeted his son,or allowed him into his home or allowed him to see his granparents or even gave him a winter coatwhen it was freezing.
But due to Phil I was able to.