Monday, 12 November 2012

My beautiful Phillip Rushton in Our Hay Days In Greece By Gillian Hammerton

Phil was a man of enormous adventure,intelligence, spirit and fun.He definately was the love of my life but as I had trained to be a lawyer in England and he wanted to go back to Canada romance ended and friendship sustained,mostly for we did not have the same political beliefs,my life became determined to focus on my career,as a barrister but he inspired me to take a psychology degree in the evening at Birkbeck College,University of London,which was amazing,and later an Msc in Pschology of Education at The Institute of Education.I thank him for this inspiration,for I became passionately fascinated by the human mind and human behaviour,but my views were not the same as his.I felt he perhaps should have been more concerned with the  indigenous people their rich culture and the injustice of those without the power and audience which education and fortune had given him,but that said he was extraordinary with a giant of intellectual capacity ,but perhaps lacking a bit in common sense and the bigger picture.Frankly I think he was more at home in England and shouldnt have taken on the world.A quiet studious life being cared for,he never could cook well ,being made a fuss of and ruling the roost,but who am I to say.He was wonderful to my son whose father David Cocks QC,my older pupilmaster, abandoned as he was too busy and too important and too distanful of the responsibility of fatherhood ,and when my son rang his father who had refused to meet him when he rang him to meet the child for his birthday (the boy had never been allowed to see him and had been given only £16 a week maintenance to live on by this extremely rich prosecutor ) and he was told off for imposing ,Phil flew over hugged him, smothered him with presents and love.Now what ever you say that is a true man and a splendidly moral human being.For that I love him and always will.We did have a splendid time together and I thank the heavens for the privilege of knowing him.He was a good man.