Saturday, 3 November 2012

Phil Rushton in His Happier Days

Phil was incredibly romatic.I quess we lived happily and academically,I a law student,and he a dedicated uncontroversial academic,there was no signs of interest in racial differences in fact he gave me a book entitled If They Come in the Morning: Voices of Resistance  by Angela Davis one of his heroes,which he signed to me.I came from a background different from him,my grandfather was an Admiral and my cousin Keeper of Paleontology in the Natural History Museum my granmother a Canadian who met my grandad at a officers ball in Victoria .I loved the way Phil was a dedicated father to his son and was managing on his own.He caught my heart strings but especially his dedication to his son.Because my mothers death when I was 6 years of age, I was very empathetic to Stephen his son a young boy and was happy to help nuture him,hence though I provided the money for the Doughty Street Flat (59 Doughty Street ) I was open to susceptibility and let Phillippe persuade me to have only his name on the lease ,which I later regreted as I could have kept it during my early days as a barrister and he has returned to Canada.

I know Phil tough as he seems to the world, was also vunerable as well as very determined,determined to educate himself to protect and make a home for his son,which given my background,ambitions and academic determination  meant I fitted the bill.

But Phil and I got on well we travelled to Italy,Holland,Israel,France,Yugoslavia,we hitched through Europe once and slept by the roads and in the fields reading Robert Louis Stevenson and Asimov.
I could not cross the Atlantic with Phillip because I spent 5 years training as a lawyer,but in a way perhaps I should have perhaps things would have been different he didnt have those research interests when he was with me he was interested in ..