Monday, 12 November 2012

Philippe Rushton and Gillian Hammerton Floating About in The Dead Sea Having a Whale of a Time

Phillip Rushton and Gillian Hammerton  in The Dead Sea ,Israel,having a Whale of a time,oh that ever thing could have remained that simple.We visted The Ein Harod Kibbutz  situated between Mt. Gilboa and Mt. Tabor,where I had spent a year helping to develope the Kibbutz digging fig trees,building walls.

Phil had wanted to see where I had spent my time after my grandad died (my parents died when I was 6).I had read about the Holocaust and Anne Franks Diary and Lawrence of Arabia The Seven Pillars of Wisdom  

and had after my grandads death,Admiral Blackler,been filled with a burning desire to help build a kibbutz.I was not Jewish but could not understand how the vile history of the Second World War had occured and young and foolish as I was wanted to make some tiny was an incredible experience.I returned to England determined to become a lawyer to fight for human justice.Phillip entranced with my description wanted to see the land and see the kibbutz.He was an amazing companion and I am glad I took him.