Monday, 12 November 2012

Phillip Rushton and Gillian Hammerton Floating About in The Dead Sea Having a Whale of a Time

Phillip Rushton and Gillian Hammerton  in The Dead Sea ,Israel,having a Whale of a time,oh that ever thing could have remained that simple.We visted The Ein Harod Kibbutz  situated between Mt. Gilboa and Mt. Tabor,where I had spent a year helping to develope the Kibbutz digging fig trees,building walls.

Phil had wanted to see where I had spent my time after my grandad died (my parents died when I was 6).I had read about the Holocaust and Anne Franks Diary and Lawrence of Arabia The Seven Pillars of Wisdom  

and had after my grandads death,Admiral Blackler,been filled with a burning desire to help build a kibbutz.I was not Jewish but could not understand how the vile history of the Second World War had occured and young and foolish as I was wanted to make some tiny was an incredible experience.I returned to England determined to become a lawyer to fight for human justice.Phillip entranced with my description wanted to see the land and see the kibbutz.He was an amazing companion and I am glad I took him.

Phillip travelling in Israel with Gillian without a care except where was the next ride.An amazing trek an amazing companion.

 Phillip swimming in the Red Sea taken by Gillian Hammerton.

Philippe Rushton by the Red Sea : Photo taken by Gillian Hammerton.
Philippe Rushton by the Red Sea completely happy and completely beautiful.His capacity for observation was immense and enthralling photo taken by Gillian Hammerton.We slept on the beach and made camp fires and fell asleep listening to the waves when it became too dark to read and exhausted by our travels.Sometimes we were woken by stray camels on the beach.There ws utterly no light about,it was truly pitch dark,with the strangest of sounds unearthly in this strange and ancient and magical land.