Monday, 12 November 2012

Philippe Rushton Amsterdam Airport taken by Gillian Hammerton

 Its unbelievable that Phil is no longer in the world .He was incredible a fire of life.I couldnt follow him to Canada because I had spent 5 years training as a lawyer and he wanted to go back to Canada,but he was always some where in my heart.I lived with him in the days when he had no troubles except to raise his son and to study and to travel.I thought he thought those times would be forever but ofcourse they were not.My parents had died when I was 6 years old and I had put everything against the odds in becoming a barrister.But i did a psychology degree at Birkbeck University in the eveningover 4 years because of his inspiation.He was good to my son ,he seemed to love him.When he had returned to Canada on the rebound I fell in love with my older pupil master (law teacher responsible for my training) in the Attorney General's chambers.II became pregnant and David Cocks QC embarrassed by the then position where women in my position where with few rights or consideration and prey to gross injustice and distain,was abandoned by David Cocks QC,who after a years affair abandoned me when 3 months pregnant,and abandoned his son,denying paternity on oath.Sir Derek Spencer Solicitor General insisted I went to court to establish the truth in the Affiliation court.But for Sir Derek,who gave evidence Nicholas Wilson QC,now a member of the Supreme Court the highest court in England who did the legal work bro bono and Philipe I would have been in a totally unsupportable postion.The worst was the cruelty of David Cocks abadoning his son,even when on a life support machine,he said to Sir Derek Spencer that he couldnt care less and would never give him a penny piece a nickle or a dime and would never see him.Eventually he gave the child £16 a week and nothing at all ever to me.The reason I mention this is Phil was supportive.When David Cocks QC got his wife to write and say hewas too busy and important to give any time to his son ,Phil flew over,busy as he was,for his birthday.He gave the boy confidence.He would pick him up and say "I wish you were my son."
I am so grateful for Phil for this.David Cocks had no notion or care that I had struggled on no money to become a barrister,he was unfeeling to his own son,he spoke against me and against his child as if we had no value . Phil understood my passion for learning and my passion to come from a postion of weakness made by ambition and determination into a postion of strenght.This is why I loved and will always love Phil.He was a good man,he was brilliant but came from a postion where he was unsupported by his father,I resued him,taking him and his son from their appalling room inthe eastend and using grandads (Admiral Blackler Blackler) money to purchase the lease on the flat in Doughty Street,near the Dicken's House,(sadly being persuaded by him to let only him put his name on the lease so I eventual had no standig on it after he returned to Canada).But I was able to help Phil and Stephen,taking him to school,cooking baby sitting while doing my law degree.But it was like a Dicken's novel and I had a good career have been able to help many people and Phil paid me back in the best possible way by loving my son in the limits of distance,making him feel he was something,agaist his fathers distain.

Phil with My son at London Zoo.

Philippe Rushton with David

Phil Rushton Humane and Caring Iconic Paternal figure to the child David Cocks QC Head of the Attorney General's  Chambers Abandoned ,so  this for this alone I love him forever